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Olson Family Therapy is an organization dedicated to bringing you the finest mental health services. It is our mission to guide people toward mental health using an in-depth knowledge of people and psychology. We believe with a proper understanding of self, relationships, and community that we can provide a healthier and safer environment for everyone, one person and one family at a time. 

We provide individual, couples, and family therapy. Therapists are available to work with you on realtionship issues, family conflict, depression, anxiety, childhood disorders, grief & loss, domestic violence concerns, and many other areas.

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Timothy Olson LMFT
(951) 444-1498


I am an EMDR trained therapist which is a powerful and effective form of therapy for diagnoses such as PTSD, Depressive Disorders, and Anxiety Disorders.

Ruth Olson LMFT
(808) 561-4008


Life can sometimes bring on more stress and hardships than we anticipate. I have a passion to walk alongside my clients and offer support as they face and overcome their trials.

Sarah Palacio
(951) 523-7911

I have extensive experience working with individuals, couples, and families around the issues of trauma, depression, anxiety, addictive and compulsive behaviors, identity, self-esteem, life transitions, and more.

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